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Hospital Bed Sheet
Hospital bed sheet is made with the hypoallergic fabric so that the patients remain healthy and unaffected. The bed sheets for medical sectors are highly resistant to the flow of fluids or blood. 

Hotel bed sheets are very soft and comfortable bedding sheets. They are made with the use of gentle and skin friendly fabrics, to provide comfort to the tourists or guests staying in the hotel.

Stitching services will satisfy the clients with best fitting and quality service. The clients can place bulk orders. The services will work according to the given specifications and will complete the task on time. 

Face masks have become inevitable part of hospital sector. The medical sector needs the face masks in bulk. These masks provide high safety from the air contamination, thereby keeping the people away from communicable diseases. 

Hospital Casement Fabric
Hospital casement fabric is a sheer fabric made of fibers, that are used for window curtains and heavy drapery of the backing. The fabric is hygienic and highly demanded in the medical sector. 

We provide installation service to the customers, primarily of curtains in medical sector. Our service is of premium quality and customers remain satisfied with the provided service. 

Hand gloves are very crucial accessories especially in the medical sector. Medical sector has a range of duties that deal with direct interaction with the body of the patients. In these conditions, the requirement of gloves for safety and hygiene is genuine. 

Executive Uniform
Wearing executive uniforms has a range of benefits. The uniforms help inpromoting the brand of the organization. The uniforms also promote the teams spirit and employees unity.

Curtain fittings are the crucial accessories that are used for fitting the curtains in the room and living halls. The fittings are resistant to rust and corrosion. 

Hospital Curtains
Hospital Uniforms
Hospital uniforms are needed to provide professionalism in a medical workplace. The uniforms can make the people feel safe around the medical staff, by making them recognizable. The uniforms also make the workers feel responsible and serious. 

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